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Talbot Murray is a former research scientist for the U.S. and New Zealand governments with over 40 years experience in biological research. He has been trained in a range of biological specialties resulting in his receiving the B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees. His understanding of life as an integrative process led him to develop healthlifevitality as a service to help individual’s identify Wellness and Lifestyle choices that maximize their enjoyment of life while minimizing their risk of contracting chronic disease.

Trish Murray, trained in microbiology and human physiology (NZCS), has worked in a number of biological research roles over the past 22 years. Always showing a passion for fitness and wellness she has been a keen runner, cyclist, competitive horse rider, and SCUBA diving instructor. She helped develop healthlifevitality as a way to share her knowledge of wellness and help people identify ways to optimize their wellness and ultimately their health.

Kin Chan has always been interested in fitness and wellness. As a professional martial arts instructor with 18 years experience in Taichi and Kungfu and as a former lifesaving and swimming instructor, fitness and wellness have always been an emphasis in his teaching. He is currently pursuing further studies in Natural and Herbal medicine. Kin joined the healthlifevitality team when he saw how well their approach, together with his training and background could benefit both athletes and those interested in optimizing their wellness to live with good health and vitality to a ripe old age. Kin is currently completing a BHSc degree in Naturopathy at the South Pacific College of Natural Therapies in Auckland.

Lik-Yeen Tan has placed a premium on feeling fit and strong from a very early age. She was a competitive swimmer for most of her school days and was also a swimming instructor. Her experience as an Insurance Underwriter gives her a very real awareness of the health risks that our community faces and the consequences of lifestyle choices. She became part of healthlifevitality because she has a real passion for sharing her experience and knowledge in health and nutrition to make a positive difference in people’s lives.