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“There is nothing more important to us than your Wellness – the state of being optimally healthy – living life fully energized and as balanced as YOU choose.” The first thing you have to do is know WHY you want to change, because if you don’t know why, the habits that have brought you here will control you, and everything you have started will have been wasted, If you know WHY we know HOW!

Are you interested in:
• Nutrition advice?
• Nutritional supplements for your age, gender or lifestyle?
• Weight loss or weight gain?
• Reducing excess body fat?
• Increase your muscle mass?
• Eating healthier, more nutritious food?
• Increasing your exercise without disrupting your schedule? Or would you like to
• Reduce your risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer?

HealthLifeVitality has specific programmes to:
Assess your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
• Help you lose weight.
• Help you identify and develop healthy food choices.
• Determine if you might benefit from nutritional supplements and explain why?
Increase your fitness through incidental and targeted exercise.
Support you as you move towards Optimal Health!

We can help you with lifestyle choices that can increase your energy levels, well-being, and ultimately your health. In our lifestyle review we measure a range of body status indicators, and help you set and achieve goals to change these indicators to levels you desire. Key indicators include blood pressure, blood sugar level, body fat, muscle mass, weight, and others related to risk of chronic illnesses.


If you are an athlete...
We can advise on nutrition, hydration and plant-based supplements grown on certified organic farms that can help you to train harder and recover faster, to enhance your training and optimize your performance. Our natural plant-based products are endorsed by well known athletes. Supplements are in addition to good nutrition and our advice is not intended to replace that of a sports dietician.

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